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Our educational systems have come under increasing criticism. But educators, school board members, legislators, parents, and taxpayers must have more information about the issues than is normally available through the mainstream media in order to make sound decisions for our children as individuals and our nation as a whole. Halcyon House is a division of Educational Research Associates, a nonprofit research organization formed more than 30 years ago to help provide some of that information.

We publish books, videotapes, audio tapes, and other related materials about issues such as Outcome-Based Education (OBE), reading (phonics vs. whole language/look-say), curriculum decisions, school management, and how problems in our schools reflect broader national cultural issues. We also publish books to educate readers about little-known issues surrounding our court systems, U.S. Congress and House of Representatives, adoption, stress and nutrition, and a very powerful multi-disciplinary work dealing with socio-economics and natural resources.

We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization! We are not affiliated with any religion or religious group; we are not affiliated with, nor do we endorse, any political position, party, or organization We receive no funds from government agencies or private foundations; basically, we are self-supporting through acceptance of our publications in the marketplace of ideas. Contributions to help us continue our research and informational activities are both tax-deductible and gratefully accepted. - Thanks!

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