Educating for the 'New World Order'
B. K. Eakman

This is the incredible story of how one gutsy woman stood the whole education establishment on its head and forced a cabinet level government agency to obey the law. What began as a simple citizen complaint against a local school district resulted in a massive investigation and coverup of irregularities in this nation's education system dating as far back as 1965. Education bureaucrats in Pennsylvania never dreamed they would one day be on the losing side of a fight against their Washington counterparts, whom they previously had imagined to be allies. Even less did officials in Washington dream they would be out maneuvered into opening a Pandora's Box of white papers, position papers, working papers, official memos, appropriations, review boards, `secure' lists, and task forces that eventually would reveal one of the most unique and mind boggling cases of misrepresentation in American history. Anita Hoge herself did not expect to be declared winner in a case against the U.S. government — even before it went to court . . . and before she had had a chance to make her case public. A more detailed summary is available online.
Quality softcover, 280 pages, References, Index, stock #344100, ISBN 0-89420-278-2, $19.95

Microchipped — How the Educational Establishment Took Us Beyond Big Brother
B. K. Eakman

A sequel of sorts, Microchipped provides further insight into the issues raised by Educating for the ‘New World Order’ in the form of five of Mrs. Eakman’s public presentations during the past two years. A touching introduction places many of the changes we have observed in our educational systems into personal and historical perspective, after which the text of the speeches she has given will give insights into many related issues - such as Outcome-Based Education (OBE) - which have come to public attention since publication of Educating for the ‘New World Order.’ A special Appendix includes sample portions of documents to which Mrs. Eakman referred in her speeches and both books.
Quality softcover, 156 pages, References, Index, stock #344125, ISBN 0-89420-294-4, $14.95

Microchipped (Video)

The live title speech from the book above. A dramatic presentation that brings the issues to life for friends, family, community groups, school boards, lawmakers, or media representatives who may not display the interest or feel they have the time to read the complete text of Educating for the ‘New World Order’ or Microchipped.
90-minute VHS videotape, stock # 460150, $19.95

How One Mother CAN Make a Difference (Video)
Anita Hoge

A speech by the homemaker & mother whose stubborn curiosity brought the Pennsylvania and U.S. Departments of Education to heel. How did she become involved, and how in the world did she gather the facts and documentation that won her case? An important tool for parents and taxpayers who feel helpless in the face of bureaucratic indifference in their school systems.
90-minute VHS videotape, stock # 460175, $19.95

Outcome-Based Education

— Understanding the Truth About Education Reform
Ron Sunseri

For decades, concerned parents have fought against the sharp increase in national illiteracy and decline in high school test scores, calling for substantial education reform. Yet, recent changes in our nation's school systems have resulted in neither a return to strong, traditional education nor the pursuit of higher academic standard, but rather the implementation of a radical new philosophy known as "Outcome-Based Education." Public concern surrounding OBE is well-founded. Not only is this plan far from the cure-all its supporters claim, it is both a harm to students and an alarming threat to families. Research shows that the phenomenally expensive OBE system:

Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg. OBE imposes outside values on children and threatens the quality of education.Outcome-Based Education:: Understanding the Truth About Education Reform gives parents the facts about the changes taking place in the school systems and helps them learn what they can do today to bring education back under local and parental control. A Multnomah Books publication. The Author: Ron Sunseri was elected to the Oregon House of Representatives in 1990 and was a member when the Oregon Education Reform Act was introduced in 1991. Concerned about the ramifications of such legislation, Ron launched and in depth research effort to determine the effects of utcome-based education. Today, Ron continues to lead the fight to repeal this type of education reform.
Quality softcover, 235 pages, References, Index, stock #520020, $15.95

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