Turning Back the Tide of Illiteracy
Marguerite Field Hoerl

An understandable, clearly written, yet fully documented history of the methods of teaching reading in America through this century.

What is Phonics? Even many educators are uncertain — or wrong — because they went through the same schools of education that have taught that there is only one way to teach reading. But what does the hard research show? With this forthright resource, parents, legislators, media representatives, ‘community activists’, and even educators can inform themselves to knowledgeably discuss what must be done to ensure the success of our youth and future generations.
Quality Softcover, 246 Pages, Tables, References, Appendices, Index, ISBN 0-89420-298-7, $18.95

Retarding America — The Imprisonment of Potential
Michael S. Brunner

"A unique work that should be a must for libraries, educators, and any concerned about the literacy debate and the state of our schools." Millions of adults in the United States are functionally illiterate. But before they became adults they were children in our public school systems. Too many of these children also become wards of the juvenile justice system.

This landmark book examines the relationships between juvenile illiteracy and the methods that are commonly used to teach reading, and what proportion of juvenile crime might be attributable to the failure of our school systems. The book also serves to report the results of a unique survey of literacy educators at juvenile detention facilities regarding their own educational background, preferred methods for teaching reading, and perceptions about the efficacy of different methods. Thus readers may judge whether juveniles are likely to leave the justice systems any better prepared to succeed in school or the working world than when they entered. This also has significant implications for public schools, since public school reading teachers have received the same instruction as those serving in juvenile correctional facilities.
158 pages, Tables, Appendices, References, Index ISBN 0-89420-292-8, stock #344150, $12.95

Retarding America (Video)
Michael S. Brunner

Based upon the book above, this program documents how teaching word recognition skills will determine whether or not students will succeed or fail in learning to read accurately and fluently what they can talk about and understand. Moreover, interviews with researchers, teacher educators, juvenile correctional administrators and professional staff, classroom teachers, and incarcerated juvenile offenders show reading failure as a major contributor to anti-social aggression which in many cases leads to juvenile crime. Whole-language reading theory, as well as the kinds of research concerning it, is examined. In addition, an instructional approach found most effective in preventing reading failure as well as remediating it is discussed by classroom teachers in both public schools and juvenile correctional training schools. Most important, evidence is provided to show that effective reading instruction can reduce anti-social aggression, thus reducing recidivism and increasing employment opportunity for juvenile offenders.
28 minute VHS videotape, stock # 461020 $19.95

Breaking the Code (Video)
Michael S. Brunner

An informal introduction to the basic phonics "phonemes" — the different sounds that the English language uses, and how they can be introduced to children. A must for both parents and teachers unfamiliar with phonics principles.
90-minute VHS videotape, stock # 461035, $24.95

Preventing Reading Failure — An Examination of the Myths of Reading Instruction
Patrick Groff, Ed.D.

Authored by one of the nation's foremost reading authorities, this book is a "superb analysis of twelve fallacious beliefs that are responsible for the perpetuation of ineffective and inappropriate approaches to reading instruction," according to Dr. Barbara Bateman, Professor of Education at the University of Oregon.

Understanding that these "myths of reading instruction" are patently and demonstrably false is the first step toward increased literacy in our nation. The next step is overthrowing these myths. Fortunately, Dr. Groff shows us how this can be done. Very simply, we have been using the wrong techniques of reading instruction. It seems incredible that the education establishment could have persisted in the folly of inappropriate reading methodology, over so many years and with so many millions of failures. Had we not known how to teach children to read easily and well, this persistence in ineffective methods would have been more understandable. However, we have had highly successful methods, programs and techniques for many, many years. Not only have we had successful programs, but we have had ample and conclusive research evidence of their efficacy. Dr. Groff explains why most schools have failed to use them.
Softcover, 230 Pages, Bibliography, Index, stock # 341150, ISBN 0-89420-252-9, $19.95

Private Sector Alternatives for Preventing Reading Failure
Patrick Groff, Ed.D.

A directory of national organizations that provides a rationale for their need and an assessment of the professional training they make available for both prospective and inservice teachers of reading.
Softcover, 120 Pages, Bibliography, Index, Appendix, stock # 341175, ISBN 0-89420-262-6, $14.90

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