As seen on ABC News' 20/20, October 13, 1995

War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse
Professor Siegfried Engelmann, University of Oregon

Profiled in a very favorable October 1995 interview with John Stossel of ABC Television's 20/20 program, Prof. Engelmann is an educator with more than 25 years of experience teaching elementary school children, dealing with public school administrators, and managing private training organizations.

This book is a penetrating examination of our public schools. As a Professor of Special Education for more than 20 years, Professor Engelmann also understands all of the popular educational theories and buzzwords. Using his knowledge of both theory and practice, Professor Engelmann gives both professionals and laypeople such as parents and legislators examples of how educational theorists and public educators have neglected the trees while concentrating on the forest. Anyone interested in more fully understanding the debate surrounding our public educational systems should read War Against the Schools' Academic Child Abuse.
Quality softcover, Index, stock #342110, ISBN 0-89420-287-1 - $17.95

A Tyrant In Cap and Gown
Carl W. Salser

An analysis of the problems and failings of our country's educational system, as seen by an observer who warned educators and the public more than two decades before the "Nation at Risk" report and others that proliferated during the 1980s. The author discusses a wide range of difficulties and frustrations faced by administrators, teachers, parents, taxpayers, and legislators . . . never trying to place blame on any one group we are all to blame for the state of our schools but with the position that we can only find solutions for problems we can understand and discuss fully.

Hardbound, 259 pages, stock # 110055, ISBN 0-89420-100-X, $18.95

Decline and Fall of American Education And a Blueprint for its Resurrection
Carl W. Salser & Fred West, Ph.D.

Normally, a civilization begins to fall apart in little bits and pieces. Then, as the process accelerates, in larger and larger chunks. But looking back, through the haze of history, historians tend to see only the larger, more dramatic chunks and not the bits and pieces that actually started the decline and fall. The authors, two well-known longtime educators, explain why every significant reform or change in American education has been thwarted and frustrated and by whom; and why it takes more and more money and people . . . to teach less and less to fewer and fewer. The also explain why there will be no substantive change, no improved achievement, no cost-effectiveness . . . until the "Seven Deadly Problems in Education" are either resolved or circumvented.
Quality softcover, 300 pages, Bibliography, Index, Appendices, stock #440500, ISBN 0-89420-283-9, $17.95

The Last Angry Principal
Howard L. Hurwitz, Ph.D

Dr. Hurwitz uses his half-century of experience in the schools to puncture the many balloons floated by "reformers," who know little about how schools should be run and whose alleged reforms would further ruin our faltering schools. In The Last Angry Principal, we have a great human interest story of a compassionate disciplinarian in a time of eroding standards. When after decades of success his policies were repeatedly first endorsed and then reversed by weak superiors, flip-flopping in face of political pressure, he demanded more uniform decision-making, he was dismissed. A measure of his effectiveness may be that local parents barricaded him in his office, setting the stage for a confrontation that made national headlines and coverage on CBS' 60 Minutes program. The Last Angry Principal is a book that you cannot afford to miss, at a time when the "educational crisis" is seen as a top priority, not only on Capitol Hill and by all of the nation's governors, but every presidential candidate as well.
Quality Softcover, 250 Pages, Index, Stock #110220, ISBN 0-89420-255-3, $15.95

Best of Hurwitz on Education
Howard L. Hurwitz, Ph.D

Dr. Hurwitz is the only principal in U.S. history whose school and college columns have appeared weekly for 14 years, following his 40 years of frontline experience. Selected from more than 1,400 columns, Dr. Hurwitz offers "an eye-opening collection of bristling commentary on schools and colleges." "The unconventional wisdom of an experienced educator . . . will inform and stimulate you."
Quality Softcover, 231 pages, Index, stock #110235, ISBN 0-89420-285-5, $14.95

The Role of Government in a Free Society (Video)
Walter Williams, Ph.D.

Walter Williams describes himself as a radical. In this age of big government he says, "any American who believes in individual liberty is indeed a radical." He has some very thoughtful and thought-provoking things to say about how government spends our tax dollars, and how many black "leaders" don't represent the views of most black Americans, including himself. He spent much of his childhood in the projects, raised by a single-parent mother. Despite adversity, he has become a successful, prominent American economist and inspiring spokesman for liberty. He explains that taking money from one group and giving it to another doesn't solve social problems -- it makes them worse! He questions such programs as welfare and affirmative action, urging a return to family values.

The John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics at George Mason University, syndicated columnist, and author of 5 books (including The State Against Blacks and South Africa's War Against Capitalism), Walter Williams is perhaps best-known as the guest host of Rush Limbaugh's radio talk show.

Now you can own a copy of this 95-minute presentation, including the question and answer period.
A Cascade Policy Institute production, stock #530030, $29.95

Teacher Unions: Is the End Near? (Audiocassette)
Myron Lieberman, Ph.D.

As a lifetime member of the National Education Association, Dr. Lieberman is in a unique position to observe and comment on public employee unions. Lieberman is Senior Research Scholar at the Social Philosophy and Policy Center at Ohio's Bowling Green University. His books include Public Education: An Autopsy, The NEA and the AFT: Teacher Unions in Power and Politics, Privatization and Educational Choice, Beyond Public Education, Public School Choice: Current Issues/Future Prospects, and Teacher Union Bargaining: Practice and Policy.

The occasion of this talk was made particularly timely by a strike by the Oregon Public Employees Union. Dr. Lieberman offered this devastating assessment: "They are a private group withholding a public service in order to get the public policy they want. You and I can't do that. We can't go out and halt some important public service until we get the policies we want." Although he defended collective bargaining rights, Lieberman suggests that some public unions function as political action committees, and that they have crossed the line between union and political representation . . . and should be disbanded on that basis.

A Cascade Policy Institute production, stock # 530045, $11.95

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