Contempt of Court
Fred West, Ph.D.

Most Americans complain about our judicial system; but as with the weather, no one really does anything about it. Not that the complaints aren't valid enough: Every day, the print and electronic media present horror stories concerning justice denied and legal abuse. Yet we lack the will to change the system. To borrow a line from Faulkner's Nobel Prize Award speech: "Our tragedy long sustained by now that we can even bear it."

Contempt of Court boldly describes this legal tyranny, illustrating it with specific cases, many of which are nationally known. The book also prescribes basic reforms which could aid greatly in giving the American public a system of true justice.

Quality Softcover, 210 pages, Index, stock #341240, ISBN 0-89420-267-7 $13.95

House for Sale!
M. Louisa Michaels

The media are full of reports about the Federal deficit, how large it is, and perhaps even whose fault it might be at a given time.

What few reporters or commentators address is that our government is so large and complex, employs so many people, and functions through the direction of so many rules, regulations, laws, interpretations, and decisions--direct, obscure, interwoven, arcane, conflicting, absurd and outdated--that it is almost impossible to even imagine it being managed efficiently. As prone to abuse as this system is, how likely is it that our elected representatives in Congress will ever succeed in reforming the system--especially since those who sincerely intend to do so are a distinct minority?

Travel with the author, a former teacher and scientist--on her odyssey from wide-eyed innocence to cynical realization--as she probes the incongruities that surround that exclusive 435-member club known as the House of Representatives!

Quality Softcover, 351 pages, Index, References, stock #344044, ISBN 0-89420-282-0, $17.95

Mineral Resources and the Destinies of Nations
Walter Youngquist, Ph.D.

Throughout human history, progress and monetary systems have been based on the Earth's energy-mineral and mineral resources. Possession or lack of these natural treasures has guided the development of civilizations, relations among nations, and the outcome of wars.

Today, highly developed and mechanized economies depend more than ever on reliable supplies of oil, gas, and a host of metals. Without oil, most of the wheels of everyday life would grind to a halt. Without a variety of essential metals, light switches, jet airplanes, TV sets, automobiles, telephones, and a host of other products would not exist.

The historically unprecendented transfer of wealth in recent years, from the industrial nations to the oil-rich countries, and the rise of these latter economies, demonstrates the fundamental impact of energy minerals on the destinies of nations. This will continue.

The race for minerals can only intensify as demand grows against finite and depleting resources. Centers of mineral affluence shift and are reflected in the rise and fall of economies. World affairs will be shaped even more in the future, than in the past, by the availability of minerals. This unique book details these relationships of minerals to national destinies and how minerals shape the lives of the worlds teeming millions.

Dr. Walter Youngquist brings to this book more than 40 years of both foreign and domestic petroleum and hard mineral exploration experience, in some 70 countries. He has been employed full-time or as a consultant by many major companies, including International Petroleum Co., Ltd. (Peru), Amoco, Shell Oil Company, Belco Petroleum, Sun Oil Company, and the Minerals Department of Exxon Corporation. He is the author of Investing in Natural Resources (Dow Jones-Irwin), a member of the American Association of Petroleum Geologistsl, The Geothermal Resources Council, and a Fellow of the Geological Society of America and the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Hardcover, 280 pages, Bibliography, Index, stock # 341330, ISBN 0-89420-268-5 $19.95

Relative Origins Famous Foster and Adopted People
Aileen Dever & Maria Dever

Each year roughly 150,000 children are adopted in the United States. There are approximately 2 million adopted children under the age of 18. Although about two-thirds are adopted by relatives, and most work out well, many children still harbor fears or concerns about being "different" or even "abandoned."

Anxiety by children or adoptive parents is normal, but to help them put aside those fears and go on to lead the most productive lives possible, the authors compiled this book of more than a hundred famous adopted individuals. From champion athletes and scientists to actors, educators, businesspeople, authors, and religious leaders, Famous Foster & Adopted People provides examples of adopted children who went on to lead happy and successful lives.

For most readers it will serve to show that adopted children are no different than the rest of us; for adopted children themselves the book provides examples and role models of people who conquered their fears. By extension, readers learn that if they have confidence in themselves there is nothing that they cannot accomplish.
Quality Softcover, 202 pages, Bibliography, Index, stock #402020, ISBN 0-89420-286-3, $15.95

The Psychology of Stress and Nutrition
Sarah Culton, Ph.D.

In the 90s, even though we had an 80s "fitness boom" that seemed to be of unprecendented proportions, we ate 5 percent more than we did ten years ago; and we are rounder by an average of 6 pounds--in fact, one-third of us are overweight!

Along with all of this, our stress levels are up, and our fitness levels are down--we live more with disease than with ease!

Humankind has the innate intelligence to live in the very best way possible, but he needs to better understand the relationship between stress and nutrition. In this book, the author has painstakingly attempted to single out and make clear what the problems are, why we have problems, and what to do about them i.e., the stress-nutrition connection.

We need stress-controlled lifestyles that will give us more quality as well as quantity, of life. Dr. Culton can point you in the right direction; and then with sufficient desire and motivation to change your own lifestyle, you will be able to do it!
Softcover, 250 pages, Bibliography, Index, Appendices, stock #345000, ISBN 0-89420-281-2, $19.75

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief
Richard X. Donovan

Modern Americans are said to have no sense of history, and no interest in history. Paradoxically, they are said to crave traditions to hold onto. The pace of life today leaves little time to reflect on the past. College students change their majors repeatedly. Professionals become disenchanted after only a few years in their chosen work. All of this, of course, suggests an absence of roots, and a desire for roots.

Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief describes the roots of fifteen professions and careers which impact on American life. It will disclose, to many, the roots of their own activity, and to many more, the roots of professionals with whom they have frequent contact. At the practical level, it will assist still others in a more prudent career selection and even inspire them to higher excellence.

Knowlege does not guarantee more constructive behavior; but knowlege of the work we do, or aspire to, can only contribute to satisfaction and success.

Finally, this book can be fun. It is fun to read that Hippocrates may have been several men...that geese, migrating at night, navigate by the stars...that no on knows who invented the wheel. And there is even reference to an Indian chief designated to remember the law of Indian on the Prairie.

The primary aspriation of the author is to provide career guidance, but the secondary benefits may transcend.
Softcover, 212 pages, Bibliography, Index, stock # 341220, ISBN 0-89420-256-1 $14.95

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